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This is where your Caribbean cruising adventure begins! The Free Cruising Guides  shown below cover the million-square-mile Caribbean Sea and all the countries/islands in and around it. Click as directed to download the guides of your choice. If you prefer, click on "Free Cruising Guides" in the black menu bar above to read about the author and founder, Frank Virgintino. Then click again for the pulldown list of the guides. For those who prefer eBook format, visit Amazon and other eBook sellers. Here you find, in addition to all of the guides, "A Thinking Man's Guide to Voyages South" and  "The Spirit of Caribbean Cruising". We wish for you the adventure of a lifetime accompanied by our Free Cruising Guides!


Colombia to Rio Dulce

There are many must-see highlights along the way as well as pitfalls to avoid.

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Cruising Guide to Cuba

Cuban history and culture is included to provide cruisers with a better understanding of this unique country. Click on flag to read full text.


A Cruising Guide to Haiti is the definitive guide for cruising the waters of a beautiful country that offers a step back in time.

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A Cruising Guide to Jamaica helps cruisers navigate to Jamaica and introduces cruisers to the complex history and vibrant culture of this island country.

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Puerto Rico

A Cruising Guide to Puerto Rico covers the entire island of Puerto Rico plus the islands of Vieques and Culebra, known as the Spanish Virgins.

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A Yachtsman’s Guide to Trinidad addresses a country that is not a cruising destination in the usual sense.

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