Caribbean Security Index

The Caribbean Security Index (CSI) is a a tool to assist cruisers in assessing the probability of crime at ports and anchorages throughout the Caribbean. The CSI provides a means of assessing risk in a given area. The index is stated on a numerical scale (1-10) with mitigating factors included.

The index is derived from the examination of the relationship between crime as reported (from a variety of sources), unemployment, levels of education and literacy. Additional factors include average income, distribution of income, presence of security, infrastructure and past record and history of crimes in a given area.

While there is no way to foresee specific future incidences of crime in a given area, the above factors, carefully considered over a number of years can provide valuable insight as to what to expect and what to avoid. CSI recognizes that risk tolerance varies. While crime is never totally avoidable, the probability of being its victim can be significantly reduced through knowledge and avoidance. Keep in mind that we use probabilities to measure weather risks; favorable and negative. Such probabilities are based on a consideration of a variety of relevant factors. The same can be done for crime; in fact it makes perfect sense. Your safety should not be left up to luck -- or the lack of it. Ratings are for each country on a scale of 1-10 (10 safest) based on the combination of the factors mentioned above. Mitigating factors relate to extraordinary circumstances and observations.

To repeat, the CSI is a tool to assist cruisers in their risk management decision making. The skipper of the boat has sole responsibility for decisions, weather, safety, and others, for his/her boat. .

CSI relies on keels in the water and feet on the ground to augment its information gathering and understanding of threats to cruisers. We welcome your comments and questions at

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