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East Coast

Ports and information on the East Coast of the Dominican Republic – Boca de Yuma to Samana Bay NORTHWARD

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General information on the Dominican Republic, the Dominican people, their culture, their life and their customs.

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Ports and information on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic – Puerto del Valle to Manzanillo Bay WESTBOUND

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Notes, anecdotes, advice and much more from Frank Virgintino the creator of the Dominican Republic Cruising Guide

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Ports and information on the South Coast of the Dominican Republic – Ile a Vache, Haiti to Isla Saona, DR—-EASTWARD

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Submitted by on February 1, 2011 – 4:42 pm10,909 Comments

At a meeting last week in Boca Chica at Marina Zar Par, the newly appointed head of the Dominican Coast Guard (Marina Guerra), Capt. Edmundo Felix Pimentel, announced that he is establishing a hot line to his office to assist cruising boats arriving and departing the Dominican Republic should they encounter problems at ANY of the ports throughout the country.  He is the commandant in charge of ALL port commanders.  He provided a cell phone number (829 760 3880) as well as an email address (dir.cdp@marinamil.do).

His assistant and sub director is Capt. Abel Esmurdoc Romero (829 760 8076).  His email address is subdir.technicocdp@academianaval.edu.do

Both Capt. Pimentel and Capt. Romero indicated that in the event, that a cruising boat encounters a problem with any Coast Guard Station, throughout the country, of any type they should call his phone number or have the local coastguard at the station call him.  He indicated that he is anxious and willing to become involved and does not want any cruising boat to have a bad experience or leave the country unhappy.  He indicated that while he is very much in favor of small gifts to the local coastguard for good service, he is very much against any request for extraordinary payments.

Left to Right: Rafael Baez, owner Marina ZarPar

Captain Edmundo Pimentel, Director de Commandancia del Puertos

Frank Virgintino, Author, Dominican Republic Cruising Guide

Captain Abel Romero, Sub Director de Commandancia del Puertos

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