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Recent Reviews for A Cruising Guide to Cuba
December 3, 2013 – 7:05 pm | 5,613 Comments

Recent Reviews for A Cruising Guide to Cuba

A Cruising Guide to Cuba by Amaia Agirre and Frank Virgintino covers everything a cruiser needs to know to explore the Caribbean’s largest island by boat. Marinas, anchorages, …

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Recent Reviews for A Cruising Guide to Cuba
December 3, 2013 – 7:05 pm | 5,613 Comments

Recent Reviews for A Cruising Guide to Cuba

A Cruising Guide to Cuba by Amaia Agirre and Frank Virgintino covers everything a cruiser needs to know to explore the Caribbean’s largest island by boat. Marinas, anchorages, ports of entry, approaches, weather, onshore excursions and the basics that every cruiser needs to know are all included in this extensive 524 page guide. In addition, an overview of Cuban history and culture is included to provide cruisers with a better understanding of this unique country so they can best enjoy the wonders of the Cuban Archipelago. Click here to download the Cuba guide!

Barbara Theisen, EditorSeven Seas Cruising Association

Among all the cruising guides published to date and in our possession  at the Club Náutico, your work is, by far, the most interesting and widely illustrated of all. The excellent photographs reflect important aspects of the Cuban people´s life and the natural beauties of the island , as well as relevant passages from the history of the Cuban nation.

Regarding the information provided for planning the trip through the Cuban coast, I think that they are very useful and interesting, not just for the inclusion of detailed nautical charts, but also for the proposed itineraries or recommended stretches of coast and photographs illustrating the coast line, cays, marinas and anchorages.
As I was reviewing the Guide, I felt a sense of orientation greater than in other similar publications and it has motivated me to undertake the journey to the heart of Archipelago de Los Colorados, Los Canarreos and Jardines de La Reina, as well as to enjoy the natural beauty, peace, harmony and simplicity of places unspoiled by modern life.
Another contribution of this cruising guide is, in my opinion,  the spirit that feels when planning a real navigation of pleasure, by proposing sailing stretches that allow a truly enjoyable navigation…
This new guide will assist and support all of us who strive with very modest resources but plenty of enthusiam to develop the nautical tourism in Cuban waters. Because it shares our vision of Cuba as a nautical Paradise with an immense potential, we firmly believe that it can contribute to the prosperity that our people deserve.

Comodore Escrich of the Club Nautico, Habana

A Cruising Guide to Cuba, by Amaia Agirre and Frank Virgintino, is a richly informative and attractive compendium of the best Cuba has to offer—both past and present. In this guide’s preface you will learn much about Cuba’s history and culture: from Columbus to Castro and all about Hemingway, of course. Its colorful images and inviting landscapes will pique your interest. You will learn about Cuba’s indigenous past, colonial history, revolutionary period, and present trajectory. The guide pays close attention to the people, foods, sites, and physical features of Havana, as well as of the rest of the island. You will be invited into some of the most alluring places to stay, such as the Hotel Nacional, and discover secret places where local artists hang out, such as el Callejón de Hamel. Full of updated facts and essential recommendations, this cruising guide will surely be indispensable.

Carlos Riobó, Ph.D.

Professor of Cuban Literature and Culture

The City University of New York

For many Caribbean cruisers, Cuba can be a little daunting and too “unfamiliar” to encourage a visit. The lack of comprehensive guides for visiting yachts has not improved this attitude, however all that has changed with Free Cruising Guide’s new Cuba guide – more a “Cuba bible” for cruisers.

The detail, explanation, pictoral guide, background and insight into Cuban culture contained in this guide, means that Cuba can now be added to the “must-do” list for many. Through better understanding of the sheer size of this country, the wealth of cruising possibilities and the Cuban rules for visiting yachts, all spelt out in this guide, all cruisers will be encouraged to dip their toes into Cuban waters.

Once again, Free Cruising Guides continue to open up the Caribbean by confidently informing cruisers of the possiblities that lie just off the familiar track.

Sue Richards

This very comprehensive new guide to Cuba is a must-read for anyone planning to visit the island. It is obvious that a lot of work has been put into producing it, and for it to be made available to others at no cost is very commendable.

The first quarter of the book is devoted to a detailed description of the island’s history, culture and the significance of its position in the Caribbean and the major weather patterns affecting it. It also covers formalities and regulations for cruising yachts and their crew.

The guide then moves on to cover the individual areas around the coast. It includes detailed descriptions of each port or anchorage it is possible to visit, together with information on the attractions ashore as well as the more mundane, yet vital, services information (water, provisions etc.).

The whole guide is lavishly illustrated thoughout with great colour photos, charts and satellite images.

Highly recommended.

I for one, would never wish to visit Cuba without first having read this guide and then having it constantly to hand when cruising there. It is in my opinion the most complete and up to date guide available and wonderfully presented.

Val Ellis - Noonsite


The reason for writing: I have downloaded and just read your Cuban cruising guide and I must say I was knocked out by it – two reasons – Cuba looks amazing and your writing and coverage make it one of the best cruising guides my wife and I have seen. We have circumnavigated nearly twice so we’ve read a fair few guides in our time.

John K Greenwood

Download A Cruising Guide to Cuba for free at www.freecruisingguide.com

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A Cruising Guide to Cuba is here!
August 3, 2013 – 4:35 pm | 12,117 Comments
A Cruising Guide to Cuba is here!

A Cruising Guide to Cuba

from Free Cruising Guides

A Cruising Guide to Cuba now available
at FreeCruisingGuides.com

August 7, 2013:  Free Cruising Guides is pleased to announce that the first complete cruising guide to Cuba to be published in …

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July 29, 2013 – 4:34 pm | 2 Comments

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